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In the fall of 2008 Beatrice Ojakangas contacted me and asked if I would be interested in working on a book with her.  It was a great honor to be considered for this project.  Bea is a James Beard Hall of Fame author and has written over 26 cookbooks.  Working together is not new for us, we have collaborated for years on photography for a local magazine.  Bea is very special to work with, common, kind, creative/artistic, cooperative.  The publisher was on the east coast, we would finish a series and send contact sheets out for approval.  At first it was a little rocky, it took us a while to learn the style, colors, textures they were looking for, subtle colors, soft selective focus images, simple not plain, silver not stainless.  We did this book without a food stylist and art director.  Cook books are commonly photographed out east, not Duluth.  The publication was released in the fall of 2009 and the reviews have been good.
Petite Sweets
"Learning how to downsize desserts, your own, or making Little Cakes, Petite Pies & Tarts, Fruit & Berry Desserts, Mousses and Chilled Desserts, Creams, Custards and Frozen Desserts to Pastries and Sweets from her dessert recipe book with gorgeous photographs by Roger LePage is one of the newest food trends and Ojakangas is leading the way with her 2009 thin but masterful book."
Judith L. Polks Food Journalist
"Superbly illustrated throughout with the color photography of Roger LePage"
Midwest Book Review
"The photography is really good. For me, cookbooks are feasts for the eye- some as enjoyable as my old art history textbooks. When the photography is mediocre, I’m disappointed. But these pictures are first rate- Roger LePage is a talented man."
Wallflower Wonderland